Southeastern Regional provides scholarships and toolship awards each year. Seniors can apply here: Scholarship application Not everyone gets an award, but all are encouraged to apply.


Brockton residents may be eligible for scholarships found here:

Brockton high 2016_ScholarshipBook



Applying for scholarships is a very important part of senior year. In addition to the possibility of getting colleges financial assistance and applying for financial aid, students should be proactive and search for additional scholarships from other sources.

Although the financial aid application process handled through the colleges will most likely yield the majority of financial assistance offered, it is important to look beyond what the colleges have in terms of available scholarships.

Local Scholarships:  The guidance department will have valuable information on the local scholarships that are available to graduating seniors and this information may be posted on the Guidance BLOG as it becomes available.

Scholarship list can be found here: Update March 2016

Brockton High School has scholarships available to residents of Brockton! This becomes available in March on their web site

Community, Business, and Civic Organizations: Many community organizations, clubs, and groups provide scholarships to college bound students. Check with any community organizations that you are involved with and inquire about available scholarship programs. Examples of community organizations include your local Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, Elks Club (or similar type of membership organizations), or other community club or membership organization.

Religious Affiliations: If you have a particular religious affiliation, you may want to inquire about scholarships that may be available for participating members.

Employers: Many employers, especially those with a large number of employees, offer scholarship programs for dependent children of employees. It is important to contact your Human Resource Department and inquire whether they have scholarship programs and get to know its respective deadlines and application procedures.

Military: The U.S. Military is a provider of a number of scholarship programs, thus if you think you may qualify and have an interest in what they have to offer, check with a military recruiter and the following website:

Scholarship Search Databases: Free scholarship databases  give students an opportunity to create a profile, share demographic information, and input their specific academic interests and talents into the search engine. In return, students are provided with a list of possible scholarship opportunities that match the criteria that they entered into the database. Each scholarship opportunity will require a separate application and has a certain set of requirements associated with the application. For example,  FASTWEB or at Federal Student Aid Scholarship Search

Beware of SCAMS! It needs to be mentioned that one should NOT pay any company to do a scholarship search on your behalf, as students can seek out scholarship opportunities on their own for free.

Local libraries may also have information on available scholarships!

Best of luck in your scholarship search! It can seem daunting at first to search for scholarships; however, it is a recommended action item. Putting the time in and applying for scholarships that seem like a logical choice based on your personal demographics and the scholarship criteria is a worthwhile exercise. Just be sure to fully complete the application requirements and submit all documents by the stated deadlines. Students should begin researching outside scholarship opportunities well in advance of receiving admission acceptance letters as many scholarship program deadlines are early! Be proactive and begin searching for scholarships in the fall of senior year at the latest.

Check out the FEDERAL STUDENT AID WEBSITE for a great article about searching for scholarships!





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