Letters of Recommendation

Most college applications require at least one letter of recommendation to complete an admissions application. Be sure to ask people that know you well and can write about you as a person and will individualize your letter. Ask teachers either at the end of your junior year or at the very beginning of your senior year to write your letters.

If you are using online college applications, like the Common Application, you may need to add Guidance Counselor and teacher e-mail addresses. Your Guidance Counselor email address is one of the following: djoseph@sersd.org   gnauls@sersd.org   maltrich@sersd.org  mcoleman@sersd.org
Please request a letter at least 2 weeks (preferably one month) before the application due date. Use this form for counselors:Recommendation Letter Request 

Please see your guidance counselor for recommendation letter request forms for teachers.

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