College Applications

For almost all  college applications, a student will need the following:

  • A completed admissions application: In the majority of cases, colleges are requiring online admissions applications through either The COMMON APPLICATION or through the college’s own application- available on their website. Note: juniors can now start a Common App, which rolls over to senior year. See the recent blog post about this
  • Personal Essay: Your essay should be Proofread and edited by both you and your English teacher and anyone else you know who will give you HONEST feedback and is a good writer! Start writing your essay early! Check out the page devoted to the College Essay on this site for more information as well as the essay prompts on The Common Application.
  • Payment of an Application Fee:  Most colleges will charge an application fee when filing an application for college admission. For those that charge, fees can range from $10.00 to $80.oo.  Payments must be in the form of a check or money order if mailed or paid by credit card if paid online.  NOTE: If the student qualifies for the free or reduced-lunch program, then they can obtain a College Application FEE WAIVER from their Guidance Counselor and submit that to the college in place of a check or credit card payment. Students can also print these from their own accounts
  • Official Transcript:  Students must notify their counselor of their college choices and make the request to have the transcript sent. Please be sure to request transcripts at least 10 days before the college’s stated application deadline. It may take weeks for the colleges to receive and process their mail. Your transcripts have to be sent out of guidance and sealed.  You can not send copies!
  • Letters of RecommendationSome (NOT ALL) schools require letters of recommendation.  A letter should be from an academic teacher and one from your vocational instructor.  You may also include a recommendation from your Guidance Counselor Complete. Student need to obtain and complete  a “Teacher Recommendation Letter Request final” to help us write your letters.
  • SAT or ACT Scores:  Most colleges still require that students take either the SAT or the ACT. Read more about the SAT/ACT tests so you know what to expect.  After you take either of these tests the student is responsible to send their scores directly to colleges of thier choice through their ACT or accounts.
  • Resume/CV/Activity List: Colleges want to see what you did…. including your involvement in leadership activities, extracurricular activities, athletics, employment, community service, etc. Be sure to include a listing of all your activities during your entire high school experience. For guidance writing a resume, please check out the resume page on this site.
  • Postage Stamps:  Guidance can mail college applications and supporting documents for you

To help keep track off all the application details, it is recommended that you establish a spreadsheet with all the related application details OR refer to this college-process-checklist-pdf

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